In 2019 and 2020, Don Guerra was nominated for the James Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Baker. The accomplished baker and owner of Barrio Bread in Tucson, Arizona will look to pass along his baking knowledge in an upcoming online class.

On Monday, July 27, Guerra will co-host an online baking class with Elizabeth Sparks for 4-H Youth Development Assistant Agent at the Tucson Village Farm, an urban farm run in partnership with the University of Arizona that offers programs to teach kids about growing their own food, healthy ingredients and the food system.

The two will teach a class on how to make the perfect Community Loaf, a whole wheat, grain encrusted bread anyone can make at home. Guerra's baking class will be held over Zoom and participants can sign up online for $40.

“Anyone can do it if you have an interest in it,” Guerra tells The Arizona Republic. “I’ve taught kids as young as six to make bread. All you need is the curiosity.”

In addition to his baking prowess, Guerra holds a degree in education and taught K-12 grade students for seven years. Since returning to baking, he has taught a variety of baking classes and presented at conferences and workshops, highlighting his business model and work with heritage grains.