Over the last few months, Americans across the country have jumped on the quarantine stress-baking train, but at a certain point they may run out of ways to make home baking interesting.

CocuSocial, a leading platform for virtual and in-person cooking classes, is teaming up with the first CHOPPED Baking Champion, Chef Thiago Silva, to help reinvigorate quarantine baking. Silva is an accomplished chef who has been honored with such accolades as Zagat’s “30 Under 30” of 2013, Dessert Professional Magazine’s “Top Ten Pastry Chefs in North America” of 2015 and People Magazine’s “14 Sexiest Chefs in America” in 2015.

On Friday, July 17, Chef Silva will teach a live virtual course on how to create a decadent summertime dessert – Tres Leches Strawberry Pistachio Shortcake. During the class, attendees will get to interact with the chef and participate in an engaging Q&A, all from the comfort of home.

The class ($29) requires a hand mixer or stand mixer and access to an oven. Ingredients necessary for the recipe include all-purpose flour, granulated sugar, light brown sugar, salt, baking powder, butter, heavy cream, milk, yogurt, pistachio pieces, eggs, powdered gelatin, mascarpone, vanilla, evaporated milk, sweet condensed milk, fresh strawberries and lime.

The course is part of CocuSocial’s new Master Series, which allows people to cook and create new recipes from home taught by world-renowned chefs and mixologists, at an affordable price-point. A complete list of upcoming classes taught by celebrity chefs are available at CocuSocial’s website.