Primo’s Donuts, a family-owned Los Angeles staple since 1956, is preparing for National Donut Day on Friday, June 5 with the launch of a new collection of “Celebration” donuts. These fun items are cake batter donuts filled and topped with unicorn sprinkles.

The donuts are frosted in Primo’s signature colors, including baby blue, pink, vanilla and chocolate. 

“At a time when many celebrations have been put on hold in LA, Primo’s wants to bring smiles and encourage continued celebration of life’s important moments like birthdays, graduations, and of course, National Donut Day,” says Ralph Primo, Jr.

Last year, Primo’s Donuts added vegan donuts to it menu, an addition applauded by the Los Angeles community. Flavors include​ blueberry, vanilla, cherry, cinnamon and plain.

“There’s a huge demand for vegan donuts, and we are excited for vegans to have the chance to enjoy Primo’s,” says  Primo. “The vegan donuts taste just like our classic cake donuts.”