An online and live support service for operators struggling to manage novel coronavirus-related communications has recently been launched by a team of veteran restaurant public relations and communications professionals.

Coronavirus PR Help assists organizations without the necessary resources to manage communications during this extraordinary COVID-19 emergency. The service is available to businesses that lack an internal public relations staff, needs additional communications guidance, or don’t have a relationship with a public relations firm.

Among the affordable, tiered services offered include:

  • Developing COVID-19 communications plans and processes
  • Reviewing existing plans and updating communications materials
  • Preparing internal and external communications
  • Distributing press releases and posting messages to social media
  • Monitoring news media and social media

“The COVID-19 outbreak is presenting unprecedented communications challenges, even for restaurants with internal PR/communications teams and outside agencies,” says Brad Ritter, president of Ritter Communications, LLC, the national public relations and crisis communications training firm that is spearheading the service. “Those without that support are easily overwhelmed by the crisis.”

Coronavirus PR Help offers pre-priced, affordable packages with no long-term commitments.

“Over the last 20 years, we’ve helped restaurants prepare for and manage some of the worst threats they could possibly imagine,” Ritter says. “It’s really rewarding to see the positive impact good communication has, starting from the first stages of the crisis all the way through recovery and rebuilding.”