Spirit Tree Estate Cidery, located in Caledon, Ontario, Canada, is a cidery, bakery, kitchen, and farm store. It’s known for its award-winning cider, but it’s something coming from the bakery that has grabbed recent headlines.

Spirit Tree is taking its Canadian heritage to the next level by deep-frying maple leaves at its bakery and selling them. The leaves are part of the cidery’s fall bistro menu, and they are available for a limited time for $6 each.

Known as Momiji Tempura (Tempura Fried Maple Leafs), these salt cured maple leaves are fried with cider tempura batter and drizzled with maple syrup and peanut praline. Customers are given apple soya sauce for dipping.

One would not necessarily think of taking the love of the fall season to the endpoint of eating leaves, but Spirit Tree Estate Cidery has seemingly found a way to make it a must-try experience. For those not interested in feeding on foliage, the bakery offers a variety of more conventional baked goods, such as pies, butter tarts, scones, apple cinnamon buns, muffins, and more.