Donairs are the official food of Halifax, a city in Nova Scotia, Canada. This Saturday, residents there will celebrate National Donair Day. This popular late-night snack is similar to a gyro, but consists of a pita filled with spit roasted shaved beef, tomatoes, onions, and is slathered in a signature sauce.

Halifax bakery Susie’s Shortbreads is getting in on the celebration in an unconventional way. The cookie and cupcake bakery will be offering a donair cupcake for one day only on Saturday, December 8.

The donair cupcake features a vanilla cake with donair meat baked in, and is topped with donair sauce-cream cheese frosting and sundried tomato sprinkles. Susie’s Shortbreads owner TJ Peach declined to include onions in the sweet take on the snack. The meat and the sauce for the cupcake was supplied by the King of Donair restaurant chain.

The cupcake is said to taste quite similar to a maple bacon cupcake, but some customers are more open to the idea than others.

“People are either like, ‘Oh yeah, I can't wait, I need to try it,’ or people are doing the little green puke face on my comments, so it's one way or the other,” Peach says.