During the holidays, bakeries introduce items that featured the flavors of the season, including peppermint. Typically that flavor goes well with desserts, but a bakery up North is going an unconventional route.

Ottawa-based Kettleman’s Bagel Company is selling candy cane bagels. These holiday treats have green and red stripes and contain bits of candy cane. Bagels and candy canes don’t necessarily sound like a popular combination, but the bagels have sold well at the shop.

Kettleman’s also suggests pairing the candy cane bagels with its gingerbread cream cheese for even more holiday goodness. The shop wants everyone to try it, so it has made a special offer to customers – if they tag a friend on social media who hasn’t tried it yet, they’ll receive a $20 Kettleman’s app credit.

The candy cane bagels are available for a limited time.