For two days only, cupcake bakery chain Sprinkles Cupcakes is offering what it calls a “flash flavor,” in which a limited-time cupcake flavor will only be available for online ordering on Monday, August 12 and Tuesday, August 13.

The Dive Bar cupcake, an online-exclusive flavor, includes foods you would find in a local dive bar. It features a pretzel crust-lined, chocolate chip-studded potato chip cake topped with beer-infused dark chocolate frosting and finished with a chocolate covered pretzel and a chocolate dipped potato chip.

After ordering the cupcakes on August 12-13, customers will then receive their orders through delivery or in-store pickup on Friday, August 16 or Saturday, August 17.

Other seasonal cupcake flavors currently being offered at Sprinkles Cupcakes include Sangria and Fluffer Nutter flavors. The Sangria cupcake features an orange cake paired with Sangria jam and infused lemon frosting, while the Fluffer Nutter cupcake features a banana cake filled with peanut butter frosting and topped with toasted marshmallow.