Inspired by a favorite beer of dads, Sprinkles Cupcakes is introducing a new cupcake for Father’s Day weekend.

In collaboration with Shiner Bock, Sprinkles has put the popular beer in its Shiner Dive Bar cupcake. It features a pretzel crust-lined, chocolate chip-studded potato chip cake topped with Shiner beer-infused dark chocolate frosting, finished with a chocolate covered pretzel and a chocolate dipper potato chip.

The sweet and savory treat is currently available in a single cupcake or a “six-pack” for order through Wednesday, June 17, for delivery or pickup on Friday, June 19 through Sunday, June 21.

Sprinkles is also offering special gift boxes for Father’s Day. Among those are:

  • Dad Yellow Dozen Box – A limited-edition yellow keepsake box featuring three Black & White, three Red Velvet, three Dark Chocolate and three Vanilla cupcakes.
  • DAD Gift Box – A gift box featuring three Dark Chocolate, three Red Velvet, three Black & White and three Vanilla cupcakes.
  • Father’s Day DYO-TO-GO Kit – The special kit includes four unfrosted cupcakes (two Sprinkle, one Red Velvet, one Dark Chocolate), two cream cheese and two dark chocolate buttercream frostings, decorations (assorted modern dots and assorted shapes (D and A letters, plus stars)), sprinkles (rainbow, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, vanilla) and two keepsake Sprinkles spatulas.