Millions will celebrate National Ice Cream Day on Sunday, July 21, as they try to beat the heat. Warm cookie delivery bakery Insomnia Cookies is getting in on the fun with special ice cream deals for customers.

On Sunday, Insomnia Cookies will offer a free scoop of ice cream with any in-store purchase all day. Flavors of ice cream vary depending on the location.

“We are excited to treat our Insomniacs to a free scoop of ice cream on July 21st,” says Tom Carusona, Chief Marketing Officer, Insomnia Cookies. “There’s nothing better than pairing a warm, delicious cookie with a scoop of cool ice cream.” 

In the days leading up to National Ice Cream Day, Insomnia Cookies will have a deal on its Cookiewiches, which feature ice cream sandwiched between warm traditional or deluxe cookies. From now until Sunday, July 21 at 3 a.m., customers can get 20 percent off Cookiewiches, as well as Bigwiches that feature icing in the middle of two cookies.