In October of 2018, it was reported that one of the biggest names in milling and baking was planning a retail bakery location in New Orleans. Bellegarde Bakery, a wholesale bakery that provides fresh flour and bread to more than 100 restaurants and markets in Louisiana and sells its stone-milled flour nationwide through its online store, will open its first retail bakery on Saturday, July 13.

Bellegarde’s highly-anticipated retail bakery is a 3,200-square-foot facility (double the size of its previous facility) that will feature a second stone mill and oven. Customers can purchase freshly baked breads available only in-store, as well as freshly stone-milled flour and heirloom grits, custom-blended drip coffee from Congregation Coffee, and branded merchandise. The menu will continue to expand throughout 2019 with additional pastry, pizza, pasta, and bread options.

“Since arriving in New Orleans on Greyhound Bus 10 years ago, I never thought my dream of making real bread would ferment into such a beautiful reality supported by an incredible web of bakers, farmers, chefs and customers,” says Bellegarde Bakery owner Graison Gill.

“Our retail bakery will further prove to the city and the country why our work is so important: we are the only bakery on our scale producing high quality breads with freshly milled flour from identity-preserved grains. Our goal is not just to feed our community, but to nourish it; this work begins with the best ingredients, which begin in the soil. We’re glad New Orleans recognizes how delicious this harvest of our work is and will continue to be.”

On Saturday, July 13, the first 50 customers to visit the new location will receive a free loaf of Country Bread, and all customers will receive a free Bellegarde tote bag with a purchase. A public open house will take place after-hours from 3-5 p.m., giving guests the opportunity to receive a behind-the-scenes tour of the bakery and meet with its team of talented bakers.

Bellegarde will also continue hosting its popular baking classes in the new location. These classes, open to both professional and home bakers, are taught by local and national leaders in the baking and cooking industry. Upcoming classes for this summer include:

  • Pastry (July 14): Hosted by Baker Michelle Klein of Bellegarde and Pastry Chef Bronwen Wyatt of Bacchanal + Elysian Bar
  • Pizza (July 28): Hosted by Bellegarde Bakery’s Morgan Angelle
  • Bread + Pizza with Marc Vetri (August 14): Hosted by Bellegarde Bakery featuring Chef Marc Vetri of Philadelphia