With one of the only stone flour mills between Asheville, North Carolina, and Arizona, Bellegarde is one of the biggest names in milling and baking. The wholesale bakery provides fresh flour and bread to more than 100 restaurants and markets in Louisiana, including James Beard nominees and winners Alon Shaya (provides pita dough daily for Saba), Nina Compton (Compere Lapin), and Justin Devillier (La Petit Grocery).

Now, the bakery is making a move into the retail space by developing its own retail location. According to The New Orleans Advocate, Bellegarde is set to debut the bakery in early 2019, greatly expanding its baking capacity. It will also be a more accessible space to showcase how the process works to customers.

“People know about us now, but don’t know about the process and that’s what’s important to me,” says Bellegarde founder Graison Gill. “You’ll be able to see the whole process. Our supply line is open and transparent and so is how we work here.”

In addition to its acclaimed breads, Bellegarde will also sell its flours, pizza dough, and other staples so that home bakers can use them in their baking. Pizza will be available, whole and by the slice, as a recurring special each month. Breakfast pastries may also be expanded on eventually.

Currently, Bellegarde produces about 5,000 loaves of bread per week. This new location will allow the bakery to triple that production. New customers will be able to experience what has made Bellegarde a major player in the bread game.

“What I’m most excited about is having people really see what we do here and experiencing it,” says Gill.