Image courtesy of Café D’Avignon

Café D’Avignon is looking to branch out beyond the food halls where its locations are currently found. The chain of bakery-cafés in New York that specializes in French and American pastries has announced that before the end of 2018 it will open its first retail storefront.

The new location on the ground floor of the popular Moxy Hotel in New York City’s Garment District will be Café D’Avignon’s first non-food hall space. It will serve as the blueprint for future Café D’Avignon retail locations, as the brand is looking to open in high-traffic areas in major markets nationwide.

“We are very excited to launch Café D’Avignon’s first retail shop inside the famed Moxy Hotel. It’s an honor to be positioned alongside the hotel’s other notable restaurant concepts, which are run by Tao Group, one of the most successful restaurant and foodservice company in the world,” says founding partner Bane Stamenkovic. “We look forward to having Cafe D’Avignon contribute to the hotel’s overall character, while also bringing quality coffee and baked goods to New York’s Garment District, which, despite being a busy and bustling neighborhood for years, is only currently reinventing itself by further developing the food scene.”

This new retail model will be used by Café D’Avignon to challenge international competitors like Starbucks, both in high-quality coffee and fresh, scratch-made bakery goods. The bakery-café’s menu features sweet and savory freshly-baked pastries, breakfast and lunch sandwiches on homemade breads, quiches, and more, plus a coffee program showcasing Stumptown Roasters.

“America is starving for the next big thing in the coffee and café segment because the current market is saturated with concepts that either offer good coffee and mediocre food options, or good food and mediocre coffee,” says Dan Rowe, CEO and Founder of Fransmart, Café D’Avignon’s franchise development company. “Café D’Avignon is part of the third-wave coffee movement, offering quality coffee and fresh baked items that are unparalleled. The brand has seen great success in New York City’s most famous food halls, and, with the new retail model in tow, are positioned to take over in major markets nationwide.”