International Burger Day took place on Tuesday, May 28, and one bakery in Australia looked to get in on the action with a one-of-a-kind offering.

Mocka’s Pies in Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia celebrated the special day with a fusion of its famous pies and burgers. The Cheeseburger Pie consisted of a bread top and pie pastry sides, and was filled with melted cheese, meat, onions, and pickles.

“Mocka’s pies are filled with tender chunks of 100% grass fed beef, made from scratch with our own unique recipe handed down from Mocka himself,” the bakery says on its Facebook page.

Other unique pies at Mocka’s include tuna mornay, green curry chicken, curry beef, chilli beef and cheese, pumpkin spinach & fetta, seafood, crocodile, and kangaroo.

Meat pies tend to be quite popular in Australia. While many Australian baked goods are not very common in America, the Cheeseburger Pie is one that would certainly go over well with American diners.