Black Star Pastry in Australia has made glow-in-the-dark donuts a possibility, as they recently introduced the radiant pastries at Sydney’s Vivid Festival, which focuses on art, technology, and commerce.

Appropriately named glownuts, these treats just became available at the bakery, located in New South Wales. Black Star’s Christopher Thé got the idea for them from last year’s Vivid Festival.

“I was thinking hard about a way to tie in food with lights. And glow-in-the-dark popped in my head,” Thé tells Daily Mail Australia. “Just the thought of people eating glow-in-the-dark food at the world famous Vivid festival of light was an amazing challenge we just couldn't resist!”

It took the team a year to figure out how to get icing to glow beneath a blacklight. An ingredient made from Vitamin B helps to make the icing glow, and a yuzu (a sour citrus fruit) glaze is added as well.

The trick isn’t uncommon, as we’ve seen pies and other desserts made luminescent here in America. Black Star makes sure that there are no unnatural additives to achieve the effect, however. “We would never create anything that was unnatural, even if it was a great idea. BlackStar is all about great techniques and real cooking; we never add dyes or additives to any of our products. We strictly adhered to this principle in order to make the glow-in-the-dark donut happen.”

The glownut sells for $7 in Australia, which would be roughly $5.26 in America.