A new hybrid pastry has been the subject of a battle over who owns its rights. The manteconcha, as it’s known, is claimed to have been created at Querétaro, Mexico bakery El Manantial.

The pastry is a combination of mantecadas (similar to a muffin) and conchas (Mexican sweet bread). The idea came about when baker Josué Rivera Arriaga was pouring pan de muerto dough into cupcake cups and suddenly decided to do the same with a concha.

The product became a quick success at the bakery, but others would soon look to use the idea themselves. Bimbo and other large companies attempted to register the manteconcha name to sell it exclusively, but soon withdrew their requests.

El Manantial’s owners filed their own trademark request in August before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property. They are currently contending with two other trademark requests. The process is expected to be resolved in a half year or less.

One brand registration specialist speaking to Mexico News Daily believes that El Manantial will eventually win out, considering they have videos and new stories that back up their claim.