Malted milk was invented in Racine, Wisconsin in 1887, and a local bakery is looking to celebrate those origins with a new limited-edition pastry.

O&H Danish Bakery has released the Racine Chocolate Malt Kringle, featuring a creamy malt filling. It’s topped with chocolate malt frosting and pieces of malted milk balls. The special Kringle will be available at the bakery’s five locations for two weeks starting Saturday, August 7, and can be pre-ordered for online shipping orders.

In celebration of the launch, O&H is teaming up with another local business, Mullen’s Dairy Bar, for a Kringle and ice cream social on Saturday. The two are serving a special treat for the event, a Racine Chocolate Malt Kringle Sundae. It features vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, a slice of the new Kringle and a touch of malt powder.