The Hobart FT1000e Low Energy Series dishwasher is among 25 products selected in 2019 as part of the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show’s 15th annual Kitchen Innovation Awards. Built for high volume operations, the FT1000e’s technology was re-designed to reduce energy use and connected amp load requirements. It offers the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership, saving operators thousands of dollars in energy costs annually for greater lifetime value.

“The FT1000e provides high volume operations with outstanding performance and efficiency,” said Jerry Socha, marketing manager for Hobart’s Commercial Dishwashers Division. “The key to these savings comes from design advancements and energy efficient components that improve wash & air flow efficiency. Depending on the machine configuration, these advancements can reduce energy use and related costs by up to 20 percent, potentially saving operations up to $6,700 annually, making it the most efficient flight type dishwasher on the market with the lowest total cost of ownership.”

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