An exciting new flavor of whipped topping will soon hit store shelves, courtesy of Cool Whip and its manufacturer, Kraft Heinz.

Birthday Cake Cool Whip is the latest addition to Cool Whip’s Mix-Ins lineup, which also includes double chocolate brownie and Oreo cookies. The 8-ounce tubs feature a pink-colored vanilla cake flavoring with rainbow sprinkle mix-ins.

On Saturday, April 6, Instagram user @thejunkgoat reported on the new flavor. “Cool whip birthday cake!!! Seen it here first folks!!! #spotted at Schnucks! Plz run to your local stores and hunt for this! This is 10/10 Cool whip has just became the goat!” the post reads.

Shoppers should be able to find Birthday Cake Cool Whip in the coming weeks for a suggested retail price of under $2.