The German pastry schnecken is a sweet bun featuring butter, cinnamon, sugar, and raisins. It is a favorite throughout the city of Cincinnati, Ohio. Two of the city's most iconic local bakeries, Busken Bakery and Virginia Bakery, are teaming up with a local distillery to give the pastry a boozy boost.

Bourbon Street Schnecken” is a limited-edition collaboration between Northern Kentucky's New Riff Distillery and the two bakeries. It includes chopped pecans inside the buttery cinnamon and sugar roll, plus New Riff Straight Bourbon Whiskey-soaked raisins. The top is then drenched with more New Riff bourbon and topped with more pecans.

The pastry costs $12.95 and will be available through March 5 at all local Busken locations as well as for special order at New Riff Distillery. Virginia Bakery is no longer in business, but sold his famous schnecken recipe to Busken Bakery after closing.

Busken is not only a Cincinnati icon, but an American institution. The bakery hit a significant milestone when it turned 90 years old last summer. The bakery continues to evolve, including retooling the look of its retail store concept with new graphics and a modern color palette.