Until Thursday, Feb. 28, Bryce Harper was the most sought-after free agent in Major League Baseball (MLB). The outfielder is a multiple-time All Star and former Most Valuable Player for the Washington Nationals. The team was trying to convince Harper to re-sign, and fans were getting in on the action.

Washington, D.C.’s District Doughnut made a generous offer to Bryce Harper: free doughnuts for life if he signed with the Nationals. The delicious deal was recently put forth on social media, and it has made headlines in such places as MLB’s official blog.

On Feb. 28, Harper agreed to a 13-year deal for a reported $330 million with the Philadelphia Phillies.

District Doughnut offers a variety of decadent creations, including a savory doughnut based on the everything bagel. It features everything bagel seasoning and whipped chive onion cream cheese. Other flavors on its winter menu include Mocha Crunch, Tiramisu, and Chocolate Covered Strawberry.