Image courtesy of Stan's Donuts
Stan’s Donuts is an icon in the Chicago area, and as it continues to expand it furthers its reputation. As each new location debuts, the bakery has become known for its grand openings.

Traditionally, each new opening is accompanied by a donut giveaway. The first 100 customers in line receive a free boxed donut. That trend will continue at the new Stan’s Donut location on Michigan Avenue.

On Saturday, December 30, each of these guests will get the free boxed donut. 99 of those boxes will contain glazed donuts and other prizes, but one of them will have a special surprise. That one box will contain a donut covered in edible gold leaf, with the recipient of that donut winning free Stan’s Donuts for life.

The promotion is not the only unique thing about the new Stan’s Donuts location. It will also feature ten cold brew tap lines: Big Shoulders, Intelligentsia, Dark Matter, La Colombe, Metric, Stumptown, Ipsento and a few Rishi teas.