Even a timeless food staple such as bread isn’t immune to technological advances. A rise in innovative processes has led to what is being referred to as “Bread 2.0,” at least according to Facebook.

The company has released its 2019 trend report, which shares insights on the many topics of conversation that grew on Facebook in 2018 and what they suggest will matter in the year ahead. Facebook looks to what’s growing in the worlds of Beauty and Fashion, Commerce, Entertainment, Food and Drink, Mind and Body, Science and Technology, and Travel and Leisure.

In the Food and Drink category, two of the popular topics of conversation are multicultural comfort foods (think caldo de pollo, a Mexican chicken soup, or tiropita, a Greek egg-and-cheese dish) and reimagined soul foods. However, the one that will surely catch the eye of bakers everywhere is the new view of bread.

As consumers look to be more health-conscious with their foods, bread is one of the many objects of change. Once thought of as a forbidden treat for those on low-carb diets, bread has been reinvigorated with new baking processes like slow carb baking and slow natural fermenting.

Alternative flours have also made a major impact. Ancient grains like einkorn wheat are being discussed on Facebook, as evidenced by its 2.6x growth in conversations from January 2017 to October 2018.

Consumers are embracing health-consciousness and multiculturalism, which means that retailers will need to look for ways to incorporate new ingredients into products in order to make them healthier or give them a global taste.