Image courtesy of Technomic.
According to a new report by industry analyst Technomic that is set to be released this month, several key findings suggest that college students prefer to have a wider variety of food options than what is available on the average university campus. 

Some of the initial data received that will be included in the report:

  • 66% of students order food from an off-campus restaurant at least once a week.
  • 36% of students say they are more likely to purchase breakfast off campus rather than on campus, up from 30% in 2015.
  • 53% of students visit off-campus restaurants more often during the weekend than during the week.
  • 79% of college freshmen purchase food or beverage from an on-campus foodservice facility at least once a week, compared to 62% of seniors.

This data reveals that college students seek variety in their meals, something off-campus establishments such as bakeries and bakery cafés can focus on in marketing. Take for instance La Salle Bakery in Providence, Rhode Island, which uses specific marketing techniques to reach potential customers at the local colleges. You can learn more about that in the video below: