It inspired the phrase "the best thing since sliced bread." Coined the term "the Wonder years." Launched a signature ad campaign to "build strong bodies." Led the way in adding nutrients and vitamins to breads. And now Wonder bread is celebrating its 90th anniversary – capping a remarkable journey that has made it an enduring symbol of Americana and among the most recognized bread brands.    

"While a long history of memorable marketing campaigns has helped Wonder soar to iconic status, the real secret of its enduring appeal is continuing to be at the forefront of countless innovations – from packaging to nutrition enhancements – that have kept it relevant among consumers and have had a lasting impact on the bread industry overall," said Stephany Verstraete, Senior Vice President of Marketing for the bakers of Wonder. "With the 90th anniversary, we're not only celebrating Wonder's remarkable history, but also its future as a contemporary brand that listens to the changing needs of its consumer. More of the best things since sliced bread are, in fact, yet to come."

To mark this significant milestone, Wonder – a brand born out of inspiration – has launched a campaign to honor America's everyday heroes, ordinary people making extraordinary contributions that inspire us. The soon-to-be-announced "Wonder Heroes" – individuals selected from 800 submissions to Wonder's Facebook page – will appear on limited-edition packages available in stores around Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day.

The Wonder brand was born in 1921 when Elmer Cline, a branding executive with the Taggart Baking Company searching for a name for a new bread, was "filled with wonder" by the sight of hundreds of balloons creating a kaleidoscope of color at the International Balloon Race at the Indianapolis Speedway. Inspiration struck, a brand was born and, for the last 90 years, the wonders haven't ceased.

Highlights of a Wonder-ful Life



Wonder bread is created by Taggart Baking Company


Wonder becomes first major bread brand to distribute sliced bread

1934 / 1939

Wonder is a major participant in World's Fairs in Chicago & New York


Wonder becomes an important part of a government-sponsored program to enrich bread with vitamins and minerals as a way of combating certain diseases


Wonder launches "builds strong bodies" campaign; becomes fixture on Howdy Doody Show


Wonder experiments with an edgier image with introduction of "Helps Catch Boys" ad campaign, featuring risque headlines such as "Boy Trap" and "Date Bait"


Wonder introduces a lower-calorie bread, Wonder Light


Wonder becomes among first bread brands to introduce a made with whole grain white bread


Wonder plays a starring role in the feature film "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby"


The Wonder bread Cookbook is released


Wonder Classic and Wonder Classic Sandwich varieties include more calcium and vitamin D


Wonder unveils the Sandwich Wonder-izer®, a new online tool enabling consumers to create unique sandwich combinations from a list of more than 120 ingredients


Wonder goes mobile with launch of first iPhone app


Wonder introduces Wonder® Smartwhite™, a bread with the taste and soft texture of white bread - but with the fiber of 100% whole wheat bread


Wonder becomes first major bread brand to join the National Sodium Reduction Initiative


Wonder joins the Facebook community and launches "Heroes Campaign"


Wonder® Smartwheat ™ is launched, bringing renown softness and added nutrition to 100% whole wheat bread