The iconic Zingerman's Bakehouse in Ann Arbor, Michigan, plans to celebrate 25 years in business with the release of a new cookbook.
Zingerman’s Bakehouse is excited to announce 25 years of great ingredients, traditional recipes, and lots of flavor. The Ann Arbor bakery’s silver anniversary celebration will kick off in the fall, and the occasion will be marked by the release of a cookbook by managing partners, Amy Emberling and Frank Carollo.

Since 1992, the Bakehouse has been dedicated to baking and selling breads and pastries, using traditional methods and world-class ingredients. Zingerman’s Bakehouse serves specialty food stores, cafes, and restaurants in the southeast Michigan area (including Zingerman’s Delicatessen, which uses Bakehouse bread for all of its sandwiches) and has garnered a national fan base ravenous for its famous brownies, sour cream coffee cake, and Jewish rye bread sold through Zingerman’s Bakehouse also operates a popular retail shop and BAKE!, a hands-on baking school in Ann Arbor that teaches over 800 classes a year to 7,000 students.  


“When we started 25 years ago, I could never have imagined how much people would come to love what we bake or how much it would mean to so many people around the country,” says Frank.


The new book, titled Zingerman’s Bakehouse, is scheduled for release by Chronicle Books in October. Filled with over 50 color photos, behind-the-scenes stories, and iconic illustrations from Zingerman’s in-house artists, the cookbook will feature 65 tested, detailed recipes, including some that have never been shared before. According to Amy, the 25th anniversary was a big inspiration for the book.


“Although we’d been considering writing a book for years, the stars finally aligned for us to have the time and inspiration to accomplish it by our 25th anniversary,” says Amy. “It was a perfect exercise in reflection and storytelling for this momentous year.”


Opened in 1992, Zingerman’s Bakehouse brings traditionally baked breads and pastries to food lovers in Ann Arbor and across southern and central Michigan. We also reach Zingerman’s customers around the country through Zingerman’s Mail Order at Founded by Frank Carollo and now run by Frank and Amy Emberling (an original Bakehouse staffer), the Bakehouse also has an onsite Bakeshop, which sells baked goods to retail customers as well as BAKE!, a teaching kitchen designed for home bakers of all different skill levels. We host action-filled, fun and informative bread and pastry baking classes. Learn more at