The latest addition to the menu at Insomnia Cookies is a Halloween-themed design. Beginning Monday, October 15 and lasting until Thursday, November 1, the warm cookie delivery bakery is offering a moon-shaped cake.

Moon cakes are available in 10-inch and 6-inch cookie cakes. They can be decorated with edible images, toppings, and icing. The Halloween edible image completes the moon shape and can be a different flavor from the cookie cake.

“The new cookie moon cake will make an excellent addition to our offerings by providing fun decorating options and not one, but two cookie flavors in one cake. We are excited for the new edible Halloween image and can’t wait to see how our guests incorporate it into their Halloween party plans,” says Tom Carusona, Chief Marketing Officer for Insomnia Cookies.

Another recent addition to the fall menu at Insomnia Cookies is the Caramel Apple Pie Cookie. The limited-time flavor combines the delicious tastes of the fall season into one item.