The latest addition to the menu at Insomnia Cookies is a popular Halloween-themed design. On Wednesday, October 16, the warm cookie delivery bakery announced the return its moon-shaped cookie cake for a limited time.

Moon cakes are available in 10-inch and 6-inch cookie cakes. They can be decorated with edible images, toppings, and icing. The Halloween edible image completes the moon shape and can be a different flavor from the cookie cake.

Another recent addition to the fall menu at Insomnia Cookies is the returning Caramel Apple Pie cookie. The limited-time flavor combines the delicious tastes of the fall season into one item. 

The cookie is served warm with notes of rolled oats, apple, caramel, and a hint of cinnamon. “We think the delicious and unique blend of fall flavors will have insomniacs craving more,” says Tom Carusona, Chief Marketing Officer for Insomnia Cookies.