One of the latest trends in the baking world across the Pacific Ocean is a messy creation combining sweet elements with a traditionally-more-savory item.

Dirty bread, also known as muddy buns, comes from China. According to industry analyst Mintel, the item was first popularized in early 2017 by Beijing’s Bad Farmers & Our Bakery. The pastry consists of a croissant covered in cocoa powder and filled with layers of rich chocolate sauce.

The product has become a hit with people on social media in Asia. With the mess muddy buns can leave, celebrities and online influencers have been sharing their “muddy bun face experience” on social media platforms.

Dirty bread’s popularity abroad reflects a growing trend worldwide of younger generations seeking new experiences with their food. It remains to be seen if this specific trend will make its way to the United States, but Asian culture has had a strong influence on the American culinary world in recent years, so it is certainly a strong possibility.

According to Mintel, the product “represents a more experimental and interactive approach to bakery and highlights scope for bakery manufacturers to innovate with novel product formats to engage with younger consumer generations.”