The popular unicorn conchas from El Bolillo Bakery.
Houston’s El Bolillo Bakery is known for specializing in traditional Hispanic treats like tres leches and pan dulce, but it is a truly unique offering that is generating recent buzz for the bakery.

Jumping on a current trend, El Bolillo has begun selling a unicorn concha, a.k.a. the uniconcha. Inspired by the success of products like Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino, the bakery’s colorful sweet bread has customers standing in long lines for the magical taste.

These Instagram-worthy products have quickly become one of El Bolillo’s biggest sellers. According to manager Myriam Azua, it sold an incredible 600 of them on Wednesday, April 26 alone. As of Friday, April 28, the bakery’s Facebook and Instagram pages had well over 2,000,000 hits and counting on posts related to the unicorn conchas.

The sweets are made with individually colored sugar crusted on marbled dough or by placing the colored sugar on by hand before baking. Each color has its own flavor, including raspberry, strawberry, piña colada, and bubblegum. They are time consuming, and the bakery had already gone through more than 500 pounds of flour from Tuesday through Friday of the week it was introduced.

At 60 cents per concha, it’s no surprise that these delicious, colorful, and affordable treats are flying off the racks.

El Bolillo also offers cakes in the unicorn flavor.
In addition to the conchas that El Bolillo sells in the unicorn flavors, it also offers unicorn tres leches cakes for $30 each. Based on the continued popularity of these products, many other unicorn goodies may be offered in the future.

For now, the demand for the uniconcha is very high. El Bolillo is receiving orders as high as 60 conchas at a time. So will these treats be available long-term, or only for a short period of time? “If it stays popular long enough, we'll definitely keep it coming,” says El Bolillo’s Brian Alvarado. “If the customer asks for it, we have nothing else to do but to make it.”