Ozery Bakery, Canada's leading family-owned natural breads company, is proud to announce the launch of its latest creation - Morning Rounds, toastable fruit & grain buns. Made with a variety of healthy grains and enriched with dried fruits, seeds, and muesli, these wholesome buns are a tasty alternative to calorie-laden muffins, breakfast pastries, and doughnuts.

"In my family, it's a challenge to get my kids to eat a wholesome breakfast that they will enjoy and is portable. Morning Rounds pack the fiber and nutrition of all-natural grains and the deliciousness of fruits and seeds into a whole new kind of breakfast," says co-founder Alon Ozery, the creative force behind the Ozery Bakery brand.

Says company president Guy Ozery, "We created Morning Rounds because we felt there was a real need in the breakfast market for a wholesome, all-natural bread that delivered taste and health conveniently."

With the launch of Morning Rounds, Ozery Bakery will carve out a niche in the $10 billion breakfast breads market, a growing category in both natural and conventional grocery channels.

Morning Rounds are available in 3 flavors - Cranberry Orange, Apple Cinnamon, and Muesli, and are currently distributed at Whole Foods Markets, Sprouts, and other fine retailers. Morning Rounds retail for $3.69 for a pack of 6.

Based in Toronto, ON, Ozery Bakery is a family owned bakery that is as passionate about baking as it is about continually creating new ways for people to enjoy bread with innovative products like all natural OneBun Thin Sandwich Buns, and new Morning Rounds.