The top five food trends for 2011 have been picked by a panel of food experts at the 36th Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, which ends today at Moscone Center. The show is the largest marketplace for specialty foods and beverages on the West Coast, with 80,000 products on display from the U.S. and more than 35 countries.

The trends are:

Chocolate for Breakfast: Tea, Belgian waffles, granola and hot chocolate on a stick.

Foods for Healing: Ancient healing teas, Blackwater with 77 minerals, aloe and cucumber drinks, plus micro-batches of healthful beverages.

New Noodles: Yam, kelp, farro and spelt.

Heat with Flavor: Ghost peppers, yuzu-wasabi sauce and piquillo almond glop.

Creative Chips: pinto bean, naan, peas, mung beans, kale and wild rice.

Other trends identified are retro foods, classic cocktails, wine-flavored foods, mini servings and cured meats.

The trendspotters are: Cindy Hatcher, Cooking Light; Tanya Henry, Marin Independent Journal; Nancy Hopkins, Better Homes & Gardens; Kara Nielsen, Center for Culinary Development; Amy Sherman,; Margo True, Sunset Magazine; Tina Ujlaki, Food & Wine; and Joanne Weir, PBS television host.

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