Ingredients Grams Baker's %
Flour 3,849 100
Honey 170 4.4
Butter 113 2.9
Ginger Powder 5.7 0.15
Sugar 100 2.6
Cinnamon 5.4 0.14
Egg 45 1.2
Butter 28 0.73
Brown Sugar 27 0.70
Flour 16 0.42


Blitz butter, egg and honey together.
Add ginger, sugar and the cinnamon, mix until a dough that you can roll into balls. Just add a bit more four to stiffen it up or a bit of water if it is too dry.
Roll up into balls (heaped teaspoon) then squash flat on a greased tray and sprinkle crumble on top.The crumble is a mix of the last three ingredients. Bake in hot oven for 12 minutes till dark golden brown.