1. Mix a batch of green frosting with Leaf Green Premium Gel Color. Ice cake with frosting.

2. Use Multi-Colored Non-Pareils and apply to the sides of the cake to make it look like fans around the football field. To apply the non-pareils, hold the cake above an empty sheet pan and use your hand to press the non-pareils into the frosting where you want them to stick. Let the excess non-pareils fall in to the sheet pan and collect to reuse later. 

3. Mix two batches of buttercream frosting, one yellow and one black using Lemon Yellow and Black Premium Gel Color.

4. Pipe field lines and numbers on the cake using a #4 tip and white icing.

5. Use a #5 tip and yellow buttercream to write and inscription on the cake.

6. Place a Dec-Ons® decoration on the field and use a #2 tip to pipe movement lines. 


1. Bake cupcakes and let cool.

2. Mix a batch of green frosting using Leaf Green Premium gel color.

3. Use a #133 grass tip to pipe grass on top of the cupcakes.

4. With white frosting and a #3 tip, pipe a field line and number on each cupcake.

5. Place one Dec-Ons® decoration on each cupcake.


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Decorating idea by Bonnie Lee, courtesy of Lucks