The International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association has announced the speaker lineup for Dairy-Deli-Bake 2013. The event will be held June 2-4 in Orlando, FL at the Orange County Convention Center. This year’s speakers include: Bill O’Reilly, Brett Favre, Alton Brown, Jim Gaffigan, Marcus Buckingham, Lowell Catlett, Carmine Gallo, Erik Qualman, Harold Lloyd, Voni Woods, Jack Li, and Carol Christison.

The No-Spin Zone

When you “spin” something, you embellish or minimize the truth to your own advantage. It’s the rare person that can provide a balanced viewpoint. Bill O’Reilly comments on the country, politicians, and celebrities in a straightforward and provocative manner. He blends news analysis with investigative reporting. His show on Fox News Channel, The O’Reilly Factor, is seen in more than 130 countries; his weekly syndicated column is carried on 300 newspapers. He’s had eleven books on the New York Times Bestsellers list. His latest book, Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot, has sold millions of copies. Join Bill as he gives his unique perspective on world issues and current events. He makes the powerful duck for cover when the No Spin Zone reveals the inside story.

The Gunslinger

Brett Favre, the only football player to win the AP Most Valuable Player 3 consecutive times, has led teams to 8 division championships, 5 NFC Championship Games, and two Super Bowl Appearances (XXXI and XXXII), winning Super Bowl XXXI. His twenty-year career included stints as quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers, New York Jets, and Minnesota Viikings. He is the only quarterback in NFL history to throw for over 70,000 yards, over 500 touchdowns, over 300 interceptions, over 6,000 completions, and over 10,000 pass attempts. He officially retired in January, 2011 after making an NFL record of 297 consecutive starts (321 if you include playoffs). Known by his nickname, The Gunslinger, Favre’s ability to fire the ball with pinpoint accuracy, along with his love to play football, made him fun to watch and must-see television. Join Brett Favre as he answers questions and talks about his phenomenal career and passion for the game.

Feasting on Foodies: TV Food Shows and Their Impact

Insider information is a good thing when it comes to TV food shows and their impact on all things foodie. From the food manufacturer to the supermarket to the consumer, cooking shows influence new product development, at-home cooking, consumer buying, and eating behaviors. With multiple food shows under his belt (pun intended), Alton Brown has won two James Beard Foundation awards – a Peabody for Good Eats and the Best TV Food Journalism Award. He has hosted Food Network Shows (Good Eats, Feasting on Asphalt, Feasting on Waves) and is a mentor on The Next Food Network Star. He has been the host-commentator on Iron Chef America and The Next Iron Chef.

He will share insight on how television food shows influence consumer behavior (from shopping to cooking to eating) and how their buying habits impact new product development, food manufacturing, and food shopping. Celebrity chefs use their shows to create and sell cookware, cook books, branded food, and their own image. As a result, some consumers mirror their behavior and make purchase and eating decisions based on these food stars.

Ready, Set, Eat! 

When it comes to life, Jim Gaffigan describes himself as lazy. When it comes to food, his passion makes it seem like he’s on steroids. The only thing he loves more than food is his passion to talk about it. His favorites are Hot Pockets, bacon, cake, bacon, and, well, bacon. His observational humor relies on his hyper-awareness of his own mundanity and is expressed in an “inner voice” that reads the audience’s mind in a gut-bustingly tremulous falsetto. His comedy specials include King Baby, Mr. Universe, The Last Supper, and Beyond the Pale. He’s appeared in over a dozen movies, as a guest on talk shows, as an actor on TV shows, and on Comedy Central. This is his second appearance at IDDBA. He was invited back because of his great reviews and your many requests.

Stand Out – Turn Hidden Strengths into a Competitive Advantage

Every company is made up of separate teams, and the performance of those teams, no matter how successful the company may be, varies widely. What accounts for this range in performance? Marcus Buckingham has a deceptively simple answer: the members of high-performing teams are able to put their strengths to work daily. And while we may think we know how to spot strengths — after all, we’re familiar with strengths and weaknesses as the first two items in a S.W.O.T. analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) — pinpointing them precisely to reveal our comparative advantage can be a challenge. Buckingham will discuss how his Stand Out platform not only identifies strengths but uses them as the basis for scaling innovation in an organization. He is the founder of The Marcus Buckingham Company and author of six best-selling books, including First, Break All the Rules.

Food: Seeing 20-20 in 2020

The food world (along with technology, manufacturing, demographic, and economic trends) will change in ways we can’t imagine by 2020. Driving these changes will be companies and organizations that embrace a new creative economy and find opportunities in a new borderless world. Advances in organic, gluten-free, free-range, source-certified foods with a small carbon footprint will be accompanied by technologies that previous generations couldn’t imagine. Providing food, energy, and healthcare to 7 billion people just complicates issues. We’ll see cancer vaccines, bionic eyes, brain food, cyberspace marriages, and virtual vacations.

Traditional education, training, and healthcare will embrace non-tethered technology. Transparency in all things and borderless economies will be the norm as the world will be mobile and connected electronically. Join Dr. Lowell Catlett, Regents Professor and Dean of the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences at New Mexico State University, to see the future in this thought-provoking and highly-entertaining presentation.

Filling the Gap: Opportunities in Fresh Food

IDDBA’s newest research shows how retailers can “fill the gaps” and drive customer visits, increase sales, and boost shopper satisfaction. These gaps are sometimes called “white space opportunities” – areas where new ideas and trends from other channels or leading retailers can be applied to yield the desired growth impact to the in-store deli and bakery.

The study covers experiential marketing, thematic displays, freshness, premium and gourmet items, menu boards, nutritional information, signage, private label, regional/national brands, and premium store brands. Other topics include trending deli and bakery products, healthy options, ethnic flavors, handheld foods, and dietary concerns. Join Jack Li, Managing Director, Datassential, as he shares how consumer expectations change and how they influence purchase decisions that drive growth and excitement especially in menu, flavor, and ingredient merchandising.

Lessons from the Apple Store: People, Communication, Design

The average Apple store sees 20,000 visitors a week and gets high marks for customer service. In fact, Apple stores are the most profitable on the planet and boast the highest revenue per square foot of any retail store, including high-end specialty stores. People go to the Apple Store for the experience and they’re willing to pay top dollar for it. Carmine Gallo, author of The Apple Experience, goes beyond Apple’s stunning success in retail and teaches how to run any business the Apple way.

If you have a business that deals with people, with any product or service, he can show you how to reimagine the customer experience. He doesn’t talk about the soul of Apple – he talks about its people. He will reveal Apple’s 5 Steps of Service that all employees are trained to follow. He shows how to inspire your internal customer (hiring, training, and motivating employees), how to serve your external customer (customer communications), and how to set the stage (design and detail) for success. His books include The Apple Experience, The Power of foursquare, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, and Fire Them Up!

You Are What You Eat, So Be DELICIOUS!

Most people think the phrase “you are what you eat” got its start in 1942 when nutritionist Victor Lindlahr published “You Are What You Eat.” Actually, it goes back to at least 1863 when Ludwig Feuerbach wrote “man is what he eats.” Whatever its origin, it’s based on the belief that the food one eats has a bearing on one’s state of mind and physical health. At some level, most consumers embrace that concept and want to make informed decisions about nutrition.

Supermarkets have an incredible opportunity to use in-store marketing, social media, and transparency to teach shoppers to make educated choices about the food they buy. Today’s delis and bakeries provide fresh, clean, and delicious foods that meet a variety of tastes, pocketbooks, and lifestyles. Join Voni Woods, Senior Director of Deli, Giant Eagle, Inc., and President of IDDBA, as she shares her passion for what she calls “affordable luxuries” – good deli and simply delicious foods that let you eat well and be well.

Grand Slam Deli-Bakery Ideas

You may not be able to hit a home run every time you’re at bat, but you can load the bases, execute a quarterback sneak, or pull off a slam dunk with some creativity and great ball handling. We’ve combined a few sports to show that pushing boundaries can lead to some exciting events. When it comes to great merchandising ideas, Harold Lloyd, Harold Lloyd Presents, is the team coach, captain, and umpire – all rolled into one. He’ll show how to make every player a star, every idea a home run, and how to make the extra point.

When it comes to creating consumer experiences, the final score is not the only thing that matters – it’s how you play the game, how you coach, and how you deliver ideas and products that are new, fresh, and innovative. Every day is Game Day and Harold will show how to bat a thousand on and off the playing field.

All-Star Food Trends

Unlike sports fans, consumers are fickle. Their loyalties change faster than you can sample a new product. Today’s shopper is challenging our beliefs and transforming marketing strategies at a disruptive pace. This new consumer is creating compelling opportunities and new value creations. Along with changing consumers, today’s supermarkets face fierce challenges from multiple channels. We operate in a transparent world with technically-savvy customers who use social media to shop, compare, and research products, sales, and ingredients. Social networking has made them a “consumer of one” who wants individual items but at mass-market prices. They expect “their” supermarket to have the hottest new products, the latest food trends, to answer their questions about ingredients and nutrition, and to deliver exceptional service.

Tracking and analyzing changing trends in eating and buying behavior, consumer attitudes, new products, and marketing ideas is a full-time job. Add the external factors such as transparency, corporate image, changing demographics, and social media and you’ve increased the complexity tenfold. Join Carol Christison, Executive Director of IDDBA, as she reveals the mini- and mega-trends that are rapidly reshaping markets and competitive positioning. 

SOCIALNOMICS: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business

Social media has created a fundamental shift in how we communicate and interact. It’s an integral part of every company’s overall strategy from customer service to frontline sales to human resources and information technology. At its core, it’s wherever and however your customer chooses to reach out to you. Social media is your customer today, your customer tomorrow, your employees, and your image. Socialnomics is the value created and shared via social media and its efficient influence on outcomes (economic, political, relational, etc.). The most effective form of marketing is word of mouth. Social media has transformed it into World of Mouth (the universe just got bigger).

Whether you’re a social media genius or just getting started, there are four easy steps that will help you focus on fundamentals and execution rather than playing catch-up: 1) LISTEN: Pay attention to your customer and conversations around your brand. 2) INTERACT: Join the conversation. 3) REACT: Adjust your product or service based on feedback. And 4) SELL: If you listen, interact, and react, this will happen with less effort. Social media tools can only strengthen relationships and complement – not replace – the necessary face-to-face, interpersonal communication that built your brand. Join Erik Qualman, #1 best-selling international author of Socialnomics, Digital Leader, and Crisis, as he shows you how to use social media to take your brand to the next level in terms of awareness, relationship building, sales, and beyond. 

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