When consumers are asked to rank the factors that contribute to their willingness to visit bakeries and purchase baked goods, convenience always ends up toward the top of the list. At Kara’s Cupcakes in Napa, CA, creative minds discovered a way to use that reason to their advantage. They developed a new curbside service.

For no extra charge, a Kara’s Cupcakes’ consumer can simply call to place an order, making sure to state that the cupcakes should be delivered to the car. After the order has been made, a Kara’s Cupcakes employee will then pre-box the cupcakes and verify the consumer’s credit card payment. The consumer is instructed to place another call in to the bakery one or two minutes prior to arriving, guaranteeing that the employee will be ready and waiting out front with the cupcakes.

There are several benefits to this new curbside service. Customers can avoid searching for parking, save parking meter fees, circumvent the hassle of getting babies or pets out of the car, and save time. And best of all, it is all free. By providing this much convenience, Kara’s Cupcakes ensures repeat—and encouragesmore frequent—customer visits to the bakery.

If curbside service is an option at your location, consider running a trial to test out its popularity. If it is not, think about different ways that you can increase customer convenience.

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