Learn how to make owl cupcakes from Amy O’Kane, the owner of Amy Bakes Cupcakes in San Luis Obispo, CA. As the name implies, cupcakes are baked fresh daily, but there is more to many of these cupcakes than meets the eye. O’Kane not only offers traditional cupcakes to her customers, she also provides vegan and gluten-free alternatives.

Regardless of the cakes’ ingredients, though, O’Kane’s products are packed with flavor and never lack creativity. The following step-by-step tutorial is provided curtsey of O’Kane from her website,

How To Make An Owl Cupcake

Who doesn’t like owls? These cupcakes are easy and fun, and made from ingredients you may already have on hand or can easily find at the corner store. And each one can be quirky and unique! Let’s get started.

First, gather your decorating ingredients:

Toasted coconut
Gummy lifesavers
Chocolate chips
Junior mints or round chocolate covered candies

Then, you’ll need one dozen of your favorite cupcakes. Pina Colada works well!

Finally, follow these five assembly steps and your owls will be complete!

Add a messy swirl of buttercream. No need to be neat—you’ll just be covering it up with coconut.
Holding your cupcake by the base, turn it upside down and roll it around in a shallow bowl of toasted coconut to cover the top.
For the eyes: Poke a chocolate chip into two gummy life savers. Press into cupcake. You can use a dab of butter cream to “glue” them on.
For the beak: Use one junior mint pressed in on its edge or side.
For the eyebrows: Press pecans in on their sides at an angle. Play with the angles to create moody owls, pondering owls, excited owls…and keep on going!