1. At least one day ahead, make the flower. First, mix small batches of orange, pink and yellow fondant using gel colors mixed into white fondant.

2. Roll out some of each of the pink and orange fondants and brush with clear, potable alcohol, water or shortening. Apply Designer Prints™ to the rolled fondant. TIP: To accommodate the large flower, you will need to tile two shorter pieces of patterned strip side by side, top to bottom.

3. Use your choice of flower cutters to cut one large (pink) and one medium (orange) blossom.  Set the orange blossom aside to dry in a flower former, egg carton, or other concave form.

4. Use a small leaf or single petal cutter to cut “windows” out of each petal of the large flower.

5. Pinch the round end of each of these cut-outs while they are still pliable, allowing the patterned side to face down and the pink side to face up. Allow these pieces to dry.

6. Roll a 1” fondant ball using yellow fondant for the stamen, and use two different types of flower cutters to impress designs. TIP: Do not cut all the way through the ball, just emboss it.

7. After all pieces have dried, begin flower assembly by attaching inverted loose petals inside the large flower’s petal “windows,” as shown, and attaching the medium cupped blossom to the large flower, using gum glue, royal icing or melted white chocolate.

8. Complete the flower by attaching the stamen in the same way.

9. Mix pale yellow icing using gel color, and then ice both tiers.

10. While the Designer Prints™ are still on the backing paper, use an X-Acto-type blade to cut away the white edges of the yellow pattern, and then use it to cut another set of yellow pattern strips in half lengthwise. TIP: The number of strips you will need to trim and to cut in half will depend on your actual cake diameter.

11. Ice and assemble tiers.

12. Apply Designer Prints™ decorations around the sides of each tier. Apply full-width strips around the bottom tier, and half-width strips around the top tier.

13. Use yellow icing in a #8 round tip to pipe bottom borders around the base of each tier.

14. Attach flower to top tier using icing or melted chocolate.

Decorating tip courtesy of Luck's

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