1.    A day ahead, roll out fondant and apply one sheet of each pattern of Spring Variety Designer Print™ Sheets (Item #45394) with a light mist of water. 

2.    Using a variety of flower and leaf cutters—or by hand with a Ribbon Insertion Tool (Item #11752) with a pointed blade or an X-Acto type knife—create large flat and small cupped flowers and flat leaves. Let dry.

3.    Mix lime green icing using DecoPac Neon Brite Green Premium Gel (Item #45293) in a white icing base.

4.    Assemble and ice the cake in lime green icing. 

5.    Using a #8 plain round tube (Item #11031) and lime icing, pipe a bottom border on each tier.

6.    Arrange fondant flowers and leaves on cake with icing or with small pieces of fondant dabbed with water.

7.    Mix a small batch of fondant with a few drops of Lucks Egg Shade Liquid Airbrush Color (Item #10160), and create stamen dots in the center of each flower, attached with a dab of icing.

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Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz