1. Mix or have on hand yellow icing (buttercream or non-dairy tinted with DecoPac Lemon Yellow Premium Gel, or pre-colored whipped topping.

2. 1. Mix or have on hand pink icing (icing colored with DecoPac Ribbon Pink Premium Gel), or pre-colored whipped topping.

3. Set aside a small amount of yellow icing and add a scant amount of DecoPac Leaf Green Premium Gel to make a lime-colored icing.

4. Take the cake from the freezer and let rest for just a few minutes, to allow the ice crystal to soften. Use this time to fill your pastry bags: 
--one with yellow and a #5 plain round tube
--one with pink and a #5 tip 
--one with lime and a #5 tip 
--one with white and a #10 plain round tube

5. Apply the green print from the Polka Dots Variety Designer Prints™ decorations to the sides of the cake, leaving a 1/3” gap between each strip. Three strips will fit evenly around a 10” cake. TIP: If the cake is still coated in frozen ice crystal, the strips may not adhere—a slight condensation build-up is ideal. 
6. Pipe beaded top and bottom borders using white icing in the #10 tip, and then pipe a few beads where the gaps exists between Designer Prints™ strips.

7. Pipe a lime green outline around the top border, as shown, with lime icing in a #5 tip.

8. Pipe a few simple outline flowers with pink icing, and fill the center(s) with yellow stamens.

9. Pipe lime green stems to finish.

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Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz