1.    A day ahead, cut a variety of scalloped discs in white fondant. Texture edges and let dry overnight in cup-shaped drying molds; alternately, you may gently place disc flowers in appropriately-sized disc cutters for drying.

2.    Mix lime green icing using three parts Lucks Yellow Liquid Airbrush Color with one part Green Airbrush Color in a white icing base.

3.    Assemble and ice the cake in lime green icing. 

4.    Using a #2B extra large basketweave tube and lime icing, pipe top and bottom borders on tiers as shown.

5.    Use the following Liquid Airbrush Color combinations to airbrush assorted dried flowers:
    a.    Yellow Airbrush Color edges with Orange centers;
    b.    Pink Airbrush Color edges with Yellow centers;
    c.    Pink edges with lime green centers (see icing color mixing guidelines, above);
    d.    Blue Airbrush Color centers with Purple centers.

6.    Let the airbrush color dry on the flowers before handling them.

7.    When the flowers are dry, affix them to the cake with icing. TIP: toothpicks through the center of the flower may assist some of the larger, heavier flowers to stay on the cake: first, roll a small fondant ball and attach to the center of the flower with a bit of water. Then insert a toothpick in the flower from the back, and push through the fondant ball, but stop short of it sticking out visibly. This ball will be covered by icing to create the stamen.

8.    Mix a bit of purple, orange and yellow icing with the abovementioned airbrush colors, and use these colors, as well as the lime icing you’ve already mixed, to pipe stamens in the flowers using a #5 plain round tube. 

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Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz