1. Make light blue icing using DecoPac Sky Blue Premium Gel  and ice the 6” cake.

2. Make lime green icing using DecoPac Neon Brite Green Premium Gel and Ice the 8” cake.

3. Assemble the tiers on top of a 10” white cake drum.

4. Make medium and light green fondant using DecoPac Leaf Green Premium Gel. Make a tiny bit of red fondant using Red Liquid Airbrush Color.

5. Cut a strip of medium green fondant long enough to wrap around the base of the 8” cake. Cut large notches along one side as shown to look like grass. Attach the strip to the cake with a little bit of water.

6. Roll out Dark Chocolate Fondant and cut approx. ½” by 5” strips for the fence. Using a little water, attach the strips around the cake to form a fence as shown.

7. Use a pastry wheel to cut a hill out of the rolled light green fondant as shown. Use a little water to attach the hill to the side of the 6” cake as shown. Roll the top of the hill down just a little with your finger, making a spot to tuck the barn into.

8. Make a tree trunk with the Chocolate fondant by rolling a tapered short coil and giving it texture with a shell tool. Attach the trunk to the cake as shown with a little water.

9. For the treetop, pipe some icing over the spot on the cake where the greenery will be placed. Roll out some medium green fondant and cut a circle with a wavy edge as shown. Attach the green circle to the cake over the icing. Push down the fondant in random places to give the tree dimensional bumps.

10. Make apples with the red fondant and attach them to the tree with water, putting one on the ground as shown. With the chocolate fondant, make a random shaped flat mud puddle and place it on the cake by the apple.

11. Here’s the fun part! Complete your farm by adding the animals and barn from the Farm Animal Assortment Dec-Ons® decorations. The barn can be attached with a little icing. To give the animals a three dimensional look, lean them up against little moistened balls of fondant which are attached to the side of the cake. Tip: rubbing a thin pat of icing on the back of the Dec-Ons® decorations will make the fondant balls stick a little better.

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Decorating Idea by Sandy McNicol, Lucks