1. Sculpt and ice each tier individually.

2. Airbrush each tier first with Lucks Lavender Liquid Airbrush Color around the bases, and then finish with Lucks Blue Liquid Airbrush Color. Take care to avoid too much blue on the top of the top tier, where you will place your Edible Image® decoration.

3. Attach a Fairy Wish Edible Image® decoration to the top of the top tier.

4. Stack tiers carefully to avoid disturbing your airbrush work.

5. Mix three shades of green: one with Lucks Green Liquid Airbrush Color, one with a 3:1 ratio of Yellow Airbrush Color to Green, and one mixing portions of the two previously mixed greens.

6. Use a #5 plain round tube with the darkest green icing to pipe a few dandelion stems around the sides of each tier.

7. Use a #22 star tube with each tone of green icing to pipe layers of grass around the base of each tier, beginning with the darkest green on the bottom, and ending with the lightest on top.

8. Use the open end of a coupler to pipe a tuft of white at the end of each dandelion stem.

9. Use a small spatula or a food-grade paint brush to create a fluffy, spiky texture on the dandelion tufts.

10. Finish with a few Lady Bugs and Bumble Bees Dec-Ons® decorations.

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Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks