Cargill will showcase an innovative new texturizing ingredient, the CitriTex stabilizer blend, in a delicious, reduced-fat muffin prototype at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Food Expo July 18-20 in Chicago. This stabilizer blend allows up to a 50 percent replacement of oil or fat in bakery products, while maintaining the taste and texture of a full-fat product, and helping food manufacturers optimize formulation costs.

"Reduced-fat foods are the top consumer choice in annual consumption of better-for-you-foods," said Darrin Peterson, functional systems product line manager, Cargill Texturizing Solutions. "In fact, 70 percent of Americans are concerned about how much fat they take in, and about the same number seek out fat content information on food labels." However, adds Peterson, consumers aren't willing to compromise on taste and texture, and typically have rejected low-fat bakery products because past eating experiences have been disappointing.

"The CitriTex stabilizer blend is unique in that it helps to significantly reduce fat and calories in baked goods while maintaining the moistness and 'springiness' consumers enjoy and expect from a full-fat product," he said. Peterson further discusses the topic on the Cargill Innovation Exchange.

The muffin Cargill will showcase at the IFT Food Expo contains 44 percent less fat, 15 percent fewer calories, 35 percent fewer calories from fat, and 50 percent less saturated fat than a typical full-fat muffin.

According to Peterson, cost is another key challenge food manufacturers frequently face in creating great-tasting, reduced-fat products. "The CitriTex stabilizer blend helps our customers formulate and deliver reduced-fat products that win with health-conscious consumers and optimize formulation costs," he said.

Historically, reduced-fat products have required additional processing or specialty ingredients that together can drive up manufacturing costs. The CitriTex stabilizer blend doesn't require any special processing or hydration, can be added during the mixing process at any time, and is cost-neutral compared to soybean oil.

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