At this year's IBIE in Las Vegas from Sept. 26-29, MIWE will be presenting the MIWE lift-in rack oven, which is extremely popular on the North American market, together with the MIWE roll-in e+, which has already won an award at the Europain in Paris and will be coming to the USA in spring 2011. One of the main focus points at the MIWE booth will be baking stations because the MIWE econo and the MIWE condo, the “European classics,” have been particularly successful in establishing themselves on the US market. MIWE America will present a new “integrated loader” for the condo range of deck ovens which will only enhance the already successful condo in this market.

MIWE America has been in operation in the US since the end of 1999 and has successfully established the brand in the market. The MIWE product range encompasses the full range of baking ovens from small in-store convection ovens to electric and gas deck ovens to rack ovens all the way to industrial automated baking systems, which will be presented on the IBIE booth as well. The company also offers very specialized proofing and dough conditioning equipment. The focus - since entering the US market – has been the industrial baking segment as well as in the supermarket and foodservice baking sector. In all 3 segments the company looks back on a broad range of well-known companies as clients. Many of the top producers in par-baked artisan breads use MIWE thermal oil industrial ovens. Major, high class supermarket chains are using MIWE rack ovens and condos for years with great success.  On the foodservice side the MIWE econo and condo are hard at work at various chains, hotels and restaurants nationwide. 

“I am proud that we are well-known here and have gained a well respected reputation in the marketplace over the last 10 years. We have contacts throughout the marketplace in all areas of the industry and knowledge of the supply chain distribution of finished products to the supermarket and food service industries. That helps us to support the client on a very high level,” confirms Harry Jacoby, President MIWE America.

Bread Bakers Guild is hosting the preliminary competition for leading up to the Louis Lesaffre Cup competition at the IBIE and the participants - a team of nine bakers who were selected in October 2009 by a jury of Bread Bakers Guild Team USA alumni at five regional audition workshops - will be training on two MIWE condos with the new integrated loader, provided by MIWE America. The Bread Bakers Guild of America is a non-profit organization comprised of professional bakers, farmers, millers, suppliers, educators, students, home bakers, technical experts, and bakery owners and managers who work together to support the principle and the practice of producing the highest quality baked goods. It was formed in 1993 to shape the skills and knowledge of the artisan baking community through education.

MIWE roll-in e+ combines energy efficiency and perfect baking capacity

Baking at the highest level, with the greatest possible flexibility, and thus while accomplishing reasonable savings in energy costs – is provided by the extraordinary power of the new roll-in e+. In Europe this oven is already successful and now also available in North America.

Here some technical facts and figures: The MIWE aircontrol, with 9 stages, circulates 30% more air volume, with more sensitivity, then ever before. Because the heating gas conduction (patent pending) with an additional flue gas channel on the back wall serves as a steam heating system which considerably contributes to less energy consumption and enhances uniformity of the baking result. Because the combustion efficiency is considerably more than 90%, and the outlet temperature of the dissipated flue gas lies below the baking chamber temperature of up to 122° Fahrenheit please. Moreover, the new MIWE roll-in e+ is at your disposal in addition to the still currently available MIWE roll-in for gas and oil heating, for a standard US double rack. The roll-in is available with the fixed program control, MIWE FP, or the new MIWE TC, Touch Screen display.

Since 2007, the new computerized control system MIWE TC has been available for MIWE baking ovens in Europe. With its hygienic touchpad and a proximity sensor that can be used intuitively, the TC control system features an absolutely new man-machine interface that clearly simplifies all operational processes and speeds up the control processes even more.

The color display has 800 x 480 pixels and can therefore support extensive graphical images that give a better overview and faster orientation.

Of course, the new control system's networking is also in line with the latest technology with connections via Ethernet, or optionally via Bluetooth or WLAN – just as bakers have come to expect from MIWE.

The control system MIWE TC will be now also used in the MIWE bakery refrigeration plants for the US market from now on. One thing is clear at first glance: state-of-the art user-friendliness has entered the work of the bakery refrigeration technology with the large, clearly set out touch screen display with graphical representation of the desired and actual value curves, flexible programming of up to 99 different programs with up to 8 phases and high performance network connections via a range of standard interfaces. Yet far more important to the baker are the improvements in baked products quality and the flexibility in dough process made possible by the new control system. In the new control system, the up to 8 different phases in the air conditioning processes (“programs”) are not preset as a fixed procedure or in a predefined order. Any combination is possible, (with the exception of proofing interruption) and can be carried out more than once within one and the same program if necessary. Bakers need no longer follow a preset temperature-humidity curve, but can save any combinations they wish to ensure dough processing and procedures tailor-made to suit their requirements. A combination of classic, conventional processes and modern methods such as soft chilling is therefore always possible. This provides bakers not only with more precise processing sequences, but also a more flexible reaction to the customer requests and delivery at short notice of fresh products as needed.

Bakers can obtain more quality by means of the optional energy package for MIWE TC, which continuously triggers the refrigerating units or the compressors via a frequency converter. This enables extremely accurate and incidentally highly energy-efficient control of temperature and humidity in the systems, especially at high ambient temperatures. The “Delta T”, the temperature difference between the room air conditions and the baked products, which is a vital factor in energy consumption and product quality, can now be controlled with a precision to date almost inconceivable. This has a fundamental effect on the quality of the baked products. Exact controls make it possible to reduce dehumidification of the baked products during cooling to such an extent that the “regenerative humidification” upon heating usual elsewhere is not even necessary, as the desired moisture remains in the dough when it cools. Naturally, less moisture than ice is deposited on the evaporator in such a way that defrosting is carried out more seldom or for shorter periods of time, especially since an intelligent defrosting system continuously controls the evaporator capacity. An optimized refrigerant current, however, allows a more improved power output and thus a more efficient energy use.