Image courtesy of Sprinkle Pop
Halloween and Dia de los Muertos are just over two months away, which is why many retailers are already starting to think about their offerings for the celebrations. Gourmet sprinkle company Sprinkle Pop is looking to help decorators with a new line of Halloween mixes.

Starting September 1, customers can get All Hallows, Dia De Lost Muertos, and Monster Mashup sprinkle designs for their baked goods.

“All Hallows” showcases the traditional colors of Halloween with a combination of black, orange, white, and silver. The spooky sprinkle mix also features tiny gelatin orange pumpkins and black bat jimmies.

“Dia De Lost Muertos” features white sugar skulls with flat dead black eyes ringed with green or pink flowers. They’re tossed among an array of hot pink, orange, black, lime green, and purple jimmies, sugar crystals, and nonpariels.

Finally, “Monster Mashup” is a mix of tiny white ghosts, eyeballs, light grey mummies, and round orange pumpkins. They’re tossed among an array of orange, black, white, light and dark purple nonpariels as well as white, black, lime green, orange, and light purple jimmies and sugar crystals.

Sprinkle Pop was founded in spring 2017 by a home decorator who couldn’t find the specific shades of sprinkles she was looking for at the store. Sprinkle Pop now takes orders from all around the world, and the business continues to grow rapidly.