Image courtesy of Sprinkle Pop
When a cake decorator couldn’t find the sprinkles she was looking for, she decided to make her own.

Elisabeth Butts is a cake decorator in Katy, Texas. She was making a baby shower cake, but was having trouble finding specific shades of blue, green, and black for the cake. That’s when she went to the store, bought raw ingredients, and created gourmet sprinkles herself.

“I went and bought the raw ingredients that I needed to do it myself and, even before I got the sprinkles home, it was like the idea was already in my head that I wanted to sell sprinkles,” Butt says.

In March, that led to Butts opening her own gourmet sprinkle company called Sprinkle Pop. Her company creates an array of dazzling sprinkle mixes with vibrant colors and themes.

“I've been a cake decorator for over 15 years and have always done that on the side and have been pretty successful at it, that has always been my outlet for creativity and I think it was just a shift for me,” Butts says. “This is perfect because the colors are really appealing to me and I like thinking of ways to display them, and I get to use that decorating craft to market my product, so it's kind of the best of both worlds.”

Sprinkle Pop now takes orders from all around the world, and the business continues to grow as Butts looks to eventually sell her sprinkles to stores and bakeries. She is off to a fast start, as the shop’s Instagram and Facebook pages have over 13.5 thousand followers so far.