A new generation of innovation in oils and shortenings technology is critical to helping food manufacturers and food service operators address today's dynamic regulatory environment and consumer demand for better nutrition, taste and performance.

"Food manufacturers and food service chains operate in a state of dynamic change," said Willie Loh, Ph.D., assistant vice president, Cargill Oils & Shortenings, who recently spoke about oils innovation at the Food Technology Innovation & Safety Forum, and discusses the topic on www.cargill.com/food/oilsinnovation.

"In the past, the food industry focused on reducing cholesterol and eliminating trans fats," said Loh. "The future is about reducing saturated fats, building sustainable supply chains and addressing chronic illnesses. All of this must be done without changing how products taste or function in areas such as shelf life and texture."

Following the announcement of its revolutionary Clear Valley® low saturate canola oil in 2009*, Cargill continues to advance its leadership role in the increasingly important area of formulating with healthy oils. According to Loh, Cargill will showcase new-to-the-world oil and shortenings innovations at the IFT Food Expo in July, and at the International Baking Industry Exposition in September.

"Cargill has been an oils innovator for many years," said Loh. "Our research and development center for seed genetics, technical experts, food application labs, and blending capabilities are all key assets in helping us create new solutions. We're eager to share our latest innovation in fats and oils with customers during the coming months."

During the coming months, visitors to the "Cargill Innovation Exchange" will be able to access new content on cargill.com/food that addresses key issues facing food processors, including heart health, sodium reduction, digestive health, cost-optimization and new innovations that improve the taste of foods and beverages.

*Clear Valley low saturate canola oil, announced in June 2009, will contain the lowest amount of saturated fat of any vegetable oil offered to food manufacturers to date. Click here for more information.