Cargill, owner of Wilbur chocolate and Peter's chocolate, has announced it will offer the seventh and eighth sessions of The Chocolatier's Workshop Sept. 27 – 29 and Nov. 8 – 10, to help confectioners and chocolatiers operate successful businesses. Both sessions will be held in Lititz, PA.

"Unique in the industry, the workshop goes beyond teaching confection making; it examines the business aspects necessary to run a successful shop," said Courtney LeDrew, marketing manager, Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate. "Many get into the industry because they love their craft and are exceptional at it. They aren't always as confident in their business skills. With two days spent discussing business ideas and marketing plans, the workshop is designed to help attendees be more successful."

Bob McWhirter, owner Kitchens Kitchenette in Alexandria, VA and one of the more than 50 previous participants of The Chocolatier's Workshop, comments, "It truly was exciting to be able to talk to someone and bounce ideas off of them in such an environment. I learned a lot and hopefully some were able to learn from my mistakes as well."

For both industry novices and those who feel they could use a refresher, The Chocolatier's Workshop is an interactive, three-day seminar that focuses on operating a confectionery business. The first two days of the workshop will be held in a classroom setting, where participants will learn about site selection, determining product mix, selecting and purchasing equipment, branding and packaging the product, fundamentals of marketing, advertising and promotion, understanding legal rights and obligations, and much more. The third day will focus on hands-on confection making, during which participants will learn about the theory of chocolate tempering and make their own confections. The Chocolatier's Workshop will be taught and facilitated by a mix of Cargill specialists and industry experts.

The Chocolatier's Workshop is limited to 10 participants who meet the workshop qualifications. Please contact Amanda Frey at 717-626-3246, email, or visit to register or for more information.