Image courtesy of Kenji Fitzgerald/Ladurée
Later this week, French luxury bakery Ladurée will add another standout macaron flavor to its menu in Los Angeles that will surely turn some heads.

The Parisian eatery is set to introduce hemp macarons on Thursday, July 24. Hemp is making its way into many baked goods and other products in California, and Ladurée is the latest to jump on this trend. The flavor is more adult-oriented, since hemp is a variety of the cannabis plant with trace levels of THC (too low to have noticeable psychoactive effects, but touted for its health properties).

For its new flavor, Ladurée blended hemp with white chocolate. It’s described as having a slight hazelnut taste.

“I love challenging my taste and I’m very curious about what people eat everywhere. L.A. is a huge market that’s very important and I see many trends here,” says Ladurée USA co-president Elisabeth Holder Raberin. “You can find hemp ice cream and I buy hemp seeds to put on my yogurt or to use in tea. It’s healthy! When I said in Paris that I wanted to have a hemp macaron, they looked at me like, ‘What?’ They thought it was super-funny, but in the end they came up with a flavor and color that are really amazing.”

The new macarons cost $2.80 each and are being sold exclusively at Ladurée shops at The Grove in Los Angeles, Glendale, and Beverly Hills.